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'Perfect deal' for MorphoSys with Incyte on tafasitamab, says German press

Country : Germany, U.S., Europe

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BERLIN, 17 Jan (APM) - The commercial agreement between MorphoSys and Incyte on tafasitamab announced on Monday is "a perfect deal", even though reaction on the stock market was negative, Handelsblatt (p23) said on Tuesday.
Incyte will co-commercialise tafasitamab in the U.S. and has full commercial rights ex-U.S (APMHE 65797), reported Handelsblatt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) (p20).
After gaining around 10% on Monday morning, MorphoSys closed down around 5%.
Observers interpret the negative reaction as an indicator that many investors had expected a more prominent distributor for the MorphoSys product, Handelsblatt said.
"Incyte may not be a global player, but MorphoSys gets exactly what they were looking for: a distribution company for Europe and a partner in the U.S," Commerzbank's pharmaceutical analyst Daniel Wendorff told Handelsblatt.

Bayer's Vitrakvi fails in first stage of German HTA procedure

Bayer's new promising cancer drug Vitrakvi has failed in the first stage of German health technology assessment (HTA) procedure, reports Die Welt on Friday (p10). (APMHE 65846)
HTA body IQWiG said that no added benefit versus comparative therapies could be proven as there were no control arm in Vitrakvi's approval studies, Die Welt said.

Greens criticised on anti-shortage proposals

Drug expert Gerd Glaeske has sharply criticised proposals made by the German Green party to combat drug shortages, Der Spiegel reported on Saturday (p63).
The Green party suggested that payers should cover the additional costs currently paid by patients when they are given an alternative drug because of a shortage and wholesalers should set up a "shortage register".
Glaeske said that pharmaceutical companies should bear the costs for replacement products. The wholesaler register is also inaccurate as it would not provide an overview on the situation in hospitals, which deal directly with manufacturer and are highly affected by shortages.

Novartis applies the 'unboss' management approach

Novartis is one example of a big company applying the "unboss" management approach, says Wirtschaftswoche on Friday (p14-21).
This was introduced by chief executive Vas Narasimhan as he was appointed "by accident", as he said and the approach is now widespread in the organisation: more autonomy, more creativity and personal responsibility leading to more innovative strength and productivity.
Sidonie Golombowski-Daffner, chief executive of radiotherapy drug division, Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), who grew up in the classical management system, has fully adopted the new approach, she said.
Her job as a manager is to "inspire the employees, explain to them why we do something" but not "to dictate and control every step".

Rheumatism drugs less effective in obese patients

Biological drugs against rheumatoid arthritis are less effective in obese patients, according to a German study based on a patient registry, said FAZ on Wednesday (p29).
The observational study, evaluating data from 10,593 overweight patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the Rabbit registry, showed that obesity diminished the effect of biological drugs, particularly in women.
"The TNF inhibitors also work when you are fat, but not as well," said Hanns-Mar¬tin Lo¬renz, head of rheumatology department in Heidelberg university hospital.
The study results will help to better adapt biological therapies according to the patient profile.

Germany joins 1+Million Genomes Initiative

Germany has joined then 1+Million Genomes Initiative, a European network for the systematic recording and research of human genetic material, Die Welt says on Friday (p20).
The goal is to make at least one million sequenced genomes in the European Union accessible in databases by 2022.
Researchers hope that this will help them better understand cancer and rare and complex diseases and develop therapies or personalised drugs.



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