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Zambon to use IQVIA multi-channel platform for pharmacy marketing

MILAN, 14 June (APM) - Zambon has reached agreement with IQVIA to use its multi-channel platform, Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE), to improve its commercial operation in the pharmacy channel, according to Wednesday's Il Sole 24 Ore.
The Italian group is aiming to maximise customer management and to reinforce relations with pharmacists, the paper said. The aim is to remove vertical silos and enable employees to better understand the interaction with customers so there can be more effective engagement.
Zambon's global head of commercial excellence and strategic planning, Luigi Boaretto, said that having a common platform will equip each pharmacy rep with advanced features to produce customer excellence and a distinctive common pharmacy experience around the world.
"We’re excited about the native integration offered between sales and marketing. Our teams can now be more efficient and better collaborate as we establish a new paradigm in customer experience," he was reported as saying.
One of the ways OCE will enhance performance was identified as being through its Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities. These automate administrative and repetitive tasks to create an "advanced user experience".
The AI/ML leverages natural language processing techniques to generate insights which gives OCE users real-time recommendations to identify growth opportunities, the paper explained.

Janssen country manager named 'CEO of the Year'

The country manager of Janssen has been named as Italy's 'CEO of the Year' in the Le Fonti awards, Il Sole 24 Ore reported on Saturday.
Massimo Scaccabarozzi, who is president of the industry association Farmindustria, was chosen by a scientific committee composed of academic, financial, business and legal experts.
Janssen Italy increased sales by 78% between 2010-2018, the paper said. The award for Scaccabarozzi was in recognition of this performance, noting that he has also been Farmindustria's longest serving president.
The Janssen chief said that the company's growth was not only driven by the rise in prices of drugs: He said launches of new, innovative products and the quality of manufacturing at the group's site in Latina, south of Rome, were other important drivers.

Lazio braced for wave of innovative cancer treatments

Lazio is braced for a wave of new cancer therapies which will transform the course of the disease for many patients, according to Wednesday's Corriere della Sera.
Sustainability of drugs provision was one of the topics discussed at a meeting organised by the regional government, the paper said.
The latest data show that 260,000 people in Lazio have cancer with 33,850 diagnosed in 2018 alone. The region's health assessor, Alessio D'Amato, described the new therapies as opening up a new era of personalised medicine.
"In this framework, proper management of resources and governance on the part of the regions is essential in order to guarantee access and the opportunity to be treated for all," he said
The event's scientific coordinator, Giuseppe Turchetti, highlighted the need for health technology assessment to assess the impact of innovative therapies. He said that, in addition to direct health service costs, the wider social and welfare costs need to be taken into account.

Italy risks losing its public health system because of cuts - think tank

Italy risks losing its public health system because of funding cuts and rapidly increasing costs, Libero reported on Tuesday.
That is the conclusion of Fondazione Gimbe, a Bologna-based think tank and consultancy which held a national conference this week.
The organisation's president, Nino Cartabellotta, described the health service as a patient who has been battling multiple chronic conditions for 40 years but not getting the treatment it needs.
He claimed the health service has had around €37 billion of funding cuts since 2010 with its spending rising by €8.8 billion over the same period.
Cartabellotta warned against thinking further devolution can resolve the health system's problems. He said more regional autonomy will not improve performance and only widen the gaps between one region and another.

HIV infection can be controlled with two drugs as well as three - study

HIV infection can be controlled with two drugs as well as it can with three, according to an Italian study, Corriere della Sera reported on Monday.
The results of recent research were presented at the Italian conference on AIDS and antiviral research this week.
Two trials involving around 1,400 patients, who had never been treated with antiretroviral therapies previously, were conducted. One was with the three drugs normally used in HIV treatments while the other was with only dolutegravir and lamivudir.
The two trials had the same result with both showing infection controlled. An expert described the research as having shown an "unquestionable benefit" in terms of long-term toxicity. "Then there is also an economic aspect: combining two drugs, one of which is going off-patent, will mean lower costs," he said.



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