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Digital pill can deliver drugs wirelessly via smartphone app

LONDON, 14 Dec (APM) - The Daily Telegraph on Thursday reported on a ‘digital pill’ that it said can be ingested and controlled wirelessly via a smartphone app to deliver drugs.
The pill has been designed by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an effort to reduce surgical procedures, said the paper. It can also be used to provide drugs to users for various diseases that require long-term medication.
The pill is assembled using 3D printing techniques and is controlled externally using Bluetooth. It dissolves when eaten, allowing its 'arms' to expand and lodge themselves in the stomach, and eventually breaks down and leaves the body after 36 days inside.
The paper quoted Professor Giovanni Traverso, co-author of the research, who said: "Our system could provide closed-loop monitoring and treatment, whereby a signal can help guide the delivery of a drug or tuning the dose of a drug.”

Roche’s head of pharma joins Gilead as CEO

Roche’s pharmaceuticals head Daniel O’Day is leaving to join Gilead as its new chief executive., the Financial Times said on Monday.
His appointment follows a slide in sales of Gilead’s hepatitis C franchise, said the paper (APMHE 60980).

AZN partners with Cancer Research UK

AstraZeneca is working with Cancer Research UK to harness big data and genetics and accelerate the development of new medicines, The Times said on Tuesday.
The partners will collaborate on a new centre of excellence based in the Milner Therapeutics Institute at the University of Cambridge (APMHE 60985).

UK pharma companies failing to respond to code of practice complaints

The Times on Wednesday reported on a warning from the UK’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) that pharma companies are failing to respond to complaints with “complete and accurate information”.
William Harbage, chairman of the industry-backed regulator’s appeal board, said in its annual report that “this is very worrying” and that the “success of self-regulation relies on the commitment of companies to provide full and accurate information.”



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