Sandoz aligns price of Humira biosimilar Hyrimoz with Germany's cheapest, Biogen's Imraldi

BERLIN, 26 Oct (APM) - Sandoz Germany/Hexal (Novartis group) will align the retail price of its biosimilar of Abbvie's Humira (adalimumab) Hyrimoz with its cheapest competitor, Biogen's Imraldi, APM learned on Friday.
The price of Hyrimoz, launched on 17 October with a 21% discount to Humira (APMHE 60204), will be cut on 15 November in order to offer a 37% to 40% discount to Humira, a Sandoz/Hexal spokeswoman told APM on Friday.
It will be priced at €1,144.65 for two prefilled pens or syringes at 40 mg or €3,354.43 for a pack of six - similar to the prices of Imraldi, which was also launched on 17 October (APMHE 60190).
Sandoz Germany informed physicians about the additional discount in a letter, seen by APM, saying that the company will "take part in the price competition" between Humira biosimilars.
"As we promised, we will make you and your patients not only a qualitative, first-class offer, but also a guaranteed cost-effective one," the company wrote.
A third biosimilar was launched in Germany by Amgen, Amgevita, with a 18% discount to Humira (APMHE 60232).
German biosimilars lobby Pro Biosimiolar said last week that it expected the competition "to be intense because of the large number of competitors launching at the same time" (APMHE 60174).
All the biosimilars are approved in Europe for the same autoimmune conditions as Humira, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA); juvenile idiopathic arthritis; axial spondyloarthritis; psoriatic arthritis; psoriasis; paediatric plaque psoriasis; adult and adolescent hidradenitis suppurativa; Crohn’s disease; paediatric Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; and uveitis.

Retail prices at 1 November

The retail prices of all three Humira biosimilars launched in Germany mid-October - Hyrimoz, Imraldi and Amgevita (APMHE 60232) - will be published in the pharmacists' data base Lauer-Taxe on 1 November, APM has learned.
According to a pharmacists' source, the retail prices as of 1 November are following:
Name (company)
Price 1-pack 20 mg
Price 2-pack 40 mg
Price 6-Pack 40 mg
Amgevita (Amgen)
Hyrimoz (Sandoz/Hexal)
Imraldi (Biogen)
Hyrimoz's retail price as of 15 November will be :
Price 1-pack 20 mg
Price 2-pack 40 mg
Price 6-Pack 40 mg
Hyrimoz (Sandoz/Hexal)
By way of comparison, Humira is currently priced as follows:
Price 1-pack 20 mg
Price 2-pack 40 mg
Price 6-Pack 40 mg
Humira (Abbvie)
Humira is also marketed in an 80 mg dose in a 1-pack (prefilled pen or syringe €1,911.47) and a 3-pack (prefilled pens €5,324.49).



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