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GSK to close Irish plant

Country : Australia, Ireland, U.S., UK

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LONDON, 17 Aug (APM) - GlaxoSmithKline is closing a plant in Sligo, Ireland, with the loss of 165 jobs, The Times is reporting on Friday.
GSK said it would phase down operations at the plant over the next three years before the site is decommissioned towards the end of 2021.
The facility makes lifestyle and skincare products such as creams that are used to treat eczema, says The Times.
GSK said that while the plant had delivered “significant improvements” in cost and efficiency over the past few years, the market for its products had not been as strong as was previously hoped. 

FDA approves Teva's generic EpiPen

Teva shares were up after U.S. regulators approved its generic version of Mylan's EpiPen auto-injector for the emergency treatment of severe allergic shock, the Financial Times said on Thursday (APMHE 59348).
The Israeli firm's New York-listed shares were up 6% to $23.83 after approval from the FDA. Mylan's shares fell 1.26% to $37.34, said the paper.
The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail on Thursday. It said Mylan faced an outpouring of criticism after it raised the price of a pack of two up to $600 in 2016. The same package cost $100 in 2008.

Jury awards $289 million damages in Monsanto cancer trial

Bayer's shares plunged after its recently-acquired subsidiary Monsanto was hit with $289 million in damages after a jury in San Francisco ruled that a former school ground keeper's terminal cancer had been caused by a popular chemical weed killer produced by the U.S. seeds and chemical group, the FT said on Monday.
The outcome of the trial is seen as a major concern for German conglomerate Bayer, which bought Monsanto of the U.S. for $62.5 billion in a deal that completed in June.
Speaking in San Francisco at the end of last week, claimant Dewayne Johnson said that the jury’s verdict is far bigger than his lawsuit. He said he hopes the case bolsters the thousands of similar lawsuits pending against the company and brings national attention to the issue, The Guardian reported on Saturday (APMHE 59300).
The FT then reported on Thursday that Bayer's shares fell to their lowest point since 2013 after a California court declined to hear an appeal on the ruling.

Bayer saves Essure lawsuit in Australia

Bayer is facing a lawsuit in Australia over its Essure contraceptive, the Guardian said on Monday.
The class action alleges that the device has left tens of thousands of patients worldwide with perforations, nickel poisoning and chronic pain.

Positive results for ViiV Healthcare's two drug monthly injection for HIV

ViiV Healthcare has reported data from a Phase III study that could support cutting HIV treatment from a daily dose of three drugs to a monthly injection of two, the FT said on Wednesday (APMHE 59317).
The monthly regimen combines ViiV's cabotegravir with Janssen's Edurant (rilpivirine).
ViiV is a joint venture owned by GSK, Pfizer and Shionogi.

Hikma raises forecasts after strong start to 2018

UK-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals raised its 2018 forecasts after a positive first half of the year, it was reported in The Times and The Financial Times on Thursday (APMHE 59318).
Group revenue was up 10% to $989 million at constant currencies in the six months to the end of June. Shares rose almost 8%.

Brexit cannot be allowed to disrupt medicines' supply

Thursday's FT carried an opinion piece from Layla McCay, secretary of the Brexit Health Alliance, who said that Brexit must not be allowed to disrupt access to medicines in the UK and Europe.
She said a recent briefing by the European Medicines Agency has highlighted the potential consequences of a 'no-deal' scenario, with the agency already scaling back operations as it prepares to move from London to Amsterdam.
“This is bad for public and animal health because of the EMA's critical role in the evaluation and supervision of medicines,” said McCay.



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