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Biosimilars key opportunity for healthcare - Amgen Spain

MADRID, 13 Apr (APM) - Biosimilars are a “great opportunity” now and into the next decade, according to a report by experts from different healthcare-related fields and supported by Amgen, Europa Press agency, financial El Economista and a number of medical publications reported on Thursday.
According to the report ‘Biosimilars, value and sustainability’, presented in Madrid on Wednesday, using biosimilars will improve access to biological drugs and support the public healthcare system’s principles - quality, equity and efficiency, Europa Press reported.
Biosimilars are good for patients, who will benefit from better access to biological medicines at more convenient disease stages. The report added that healthcare professionals will have more trustworthy, cost-effective therapeutical options thanks to these drugs. Improving efficiency and optimising resources thanks to biosimilars will also be an advantage for healthcare managers and payers, Europa Press said.
The agency quoted Santiago Cervera, former health chief in Navarra region and editor of the report, as saying: “There is a clear necessity, across Europe, to improve patients' access to recommended therapies.”
Medicina 21 and IM Médico Hospitalario also carried the story on Thursday. Daily La Vanguardia included the the report in its Monday agenda.

Branded pharma lobby, biotech industries concerned over public R&D cuts

R&D cuts affecting public research centres may impact a number of public-private research projects, Spanish branded pharma lobby Farmaindustria, biotech association Asebio and Chemical industries federation FeiQue have warned, financial El Economista reports on Friday.
The financial quoted a joint statement from the three associations as saying: “Research is getting more complex and expensive, particularly when it comes to biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical initiatives.” In order to successfully face the challenges the situation presents, a steady support for R&D, similar to that already implemented in other EU countries, is needed. This would contribute to make the most out of Spain’s potential in the field, El Economista adds.
The statement called for the implementation of structural measures designed to boost biomedical research in Spain, the financial reports.

Pharma’s contribution to most outstanding healthcare successes

On Thursday, daily El País carried a story about the most outstanding healthcare achievements in 2017.
The first, according to the author, who works for Sanofi Pasteur, is the Guinness world record achieved on the 30 January last year. On that day, over 207 million doses of medicines were donated to treat so-called forgotten diseases, such as Guinea worm disease and trachoma.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur helped in this achievement, the author noted. 

Second twin dies awaiting compassionate use of experimental drug

Only a few weeks after his twin brother died, the second son of a Basque couple who requested authorisation to administer U.S. Edison Pharmaceuticals’ experimental drug EPI743 died of the same disease, a rare condition called Leigh syndrome, it is widely reported on Friday. (APMHE 57594)
Even though the disease limits life expectancy, its progression in the case of the two four-year old brothers has been unusually fast, El País reports.
Dailies ABC, 20 Minutos, La Vanguardia and a number of regional newspapers carry the story.

EMA - biggest of Barcelona’s losses in fight for independence

Speaking at a debate about the city of Barcelona’s current situation, Josep Martí, one of the speakers, said the unsuccessful attempt to host the European Medicines Agency was “a disaster without remedy”, daily El Mundo reported on Wednesday.
According to Martí, separatism has had a devastating effect on the city’s policies and there is no thrilling project which can thrive in the current conditions.

Novartis buying U.S. gene therapy firm for $8.7 billion

Novartis is buying U.S. gene therapy company AveXis for $8.7 billion, daily El Español, financials Expansión and El Economista reported on Tuesday. (APMHE 57603)
The deal is expected to bolster Novartis's neuroscience business, El Economista reported.



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