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Chinese generics on the rise in U.S.

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LONDON, 23 Mar (APM) - The number of generic drugs approved in the U.S. that are manufactured by Chinese pharmaceutical companies is on the increase, the Financial Times said on Monday.
The paper said that Chinese drugmakers won U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for 38 generics in 2017, up from 22 in 2016.
This figure is still small in comparison to drugs form Indian firms, which last year accounted for 300 of the 927 generic drugs approved by the FDA. But the FT said the increase shows that Chinese companies are looking to boost revenues and prove their quality to Chinese patients who tend to favour imported drugs.

Stem cell transplant effective in MS

Stem cell transplant treatment can reduce disability for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), the Times and the Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.
Both papers covered “game-changing” research that involved the use of chemotherapy to destroy a patient’s faulty immune system before rebooting it with an injection of their stem cells and bone marrow.
After three years, disease progressed in 6% of patients who had transplants, compared to 60% in a control group taking standard medicine.

Oxford Nanopore value reaches £1.5 billion as it taps Asia-Pacific funding

Oxford Nanopore has pulled in £100 million from investors in the Asia-Pacific region, as it completes a funding round that values the fast-growing UK biotech at £1.5 billion.
The new investment - from GIC in Singapore, China Construction Bank and Australia’s Hostplus - will support Nanopore’s commercial expansion.
It brings the total raised so far through private share placements to £451 million.
The company will build a factory near Harwell in Oxfordshire to meet accelerating demand for its gene sequencing machines, which use innovative technology to read the biochemical “letters” encoded in DNA. Its headquarters and research centre are at Oxford Science Park.

NHS warned of £9 billion hit for Alzheimer's breakthroughs

The FT on Wednesday said that the UK health system is unprepared for potential breakthroughs in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia that could cost the National Health Service up to £9 billion a year, according to new analysis by researchers at the London School of Economics.
The study concluded that “because of the sheer number of people living with dementia, delivering future treatments is likely to pose a significant practical and financial challenge to the current health system”.
While scientists and pharmaceutical companies have so far failed in their attempts to find a treatment, the researchers said 12 “potentially disease-modifying” medicines for Alzheimer’s are now in the final stages of human clinical trials. They estimate that the medicines could range in cost from about £300 million to around £9 billion a year for the NHS.

AbbVie suffers $25 billion hit from lung cancer disappointment

The FT on Friday reports that investors wiped more than $25 billion off AbbVie's market value on Thursday after the group abandoned plans to seek rapid approval in the U.S. for a closely-watched experimental lung cancer drug following mid-stage results. (APMHE 57422)

GSK pulls out of race for Pfizer's consumer arm

GlaxoSmithKline's withdrawal from the bidding process for Pfizer's expected $20 billion sale of its consumer healthcare arm was covered online on Friday by the FT and The Times. (APMHE 57438)



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