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Access to DDP-4 inhibitors restricted in Poland - expert

Country : Poland, Portugal

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WARSAW, Nov 10 (APM) - Diabetology expert Professor Leszek Czupryniak points out that access to DDP-4 inhibitors is restricted in Poland, which is the only EU member state in which the drugs are not reimbursed to any group of patients, reports Gazeta Wyborcza (Tylko Zdrowie supplement, p5) on Friday.
Czupryniak said such drugs have been available in Poland for 10 years and the authorities still refuse to reimburse them. He added that 20-50% of diabetics in the EU are treated with such drugs, while most Poles cannot afford them, as monthly treatment costs are approximately 100 zlotys (24 euros).
An estimated 3 million Poles could be diabetics.

Bioton reducing its losses

Bioton, Poland’s largest insulin manufacturer, managed to reduce its net loss after nine months of the year to 5.9 million zlotys (1.4 million euros), compared with 12.7 million zlotys (3 million euros) in the corresponding period of 2016, reported Parkiet Gazeta Gieldy (p3) on Saturday.
Bioton also reported a slight decline in revenues from 271.3 million zlotys (64 million euros) to 270.7 million zlotys (63.8 million euros). Its domestic sales slid from 95.2 million zlotys (22.5 million euros) to 89.9 million zlotys (21.2 million euros) and plummeted in China from 32.3 million zlotys (7.6 million euros) to 22.9 million zlotys. Meanwhile, sales soared in Australia from 16.3 million zlotys (3.8 million euros) to 32.2 million zlotys (7.6 million euros) and climbed in South Korea from 42.5 million zlotys (10 million euros) to 54.8 million zlotys (12.9 million euros).
Robert Neymann, Bioton’s CEO, said the company has been reorganising its business since the beginning of the year. It intends to strengthen its position on the classic insulin market and continue development of analogues.

Celon Pharma’s most important drug registered in Portugal

Salmex, the most important drug in Celon Pharma’s portfolio used for treating asthma, has been registered in Portugal, reported Parkiet Gazeta Gieldy (p4) on Saturday.



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