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APM (Agence de Presse Médicale) was originally founded as a private French company in 1989 subsequently acquired by Reuters it is now owned by the British media group, Wilmington Plc.

Our international newswire, APM Health Europe, was launched in 2005 as a response to the demand for a service to set the daily news agenda for the European healthcare markets by focusing not simply on the financials but as importantly the regulatory, pricing, market access and cost effectiveness issues that impact all stakeholders: By distilling the variances in public health policy and HTA practises we provide the local expertise that enables you to think globally.

As an independent newswire we will not inundate you with adverts, we deliver real-time quality news in a clean and simple digital format to your screen of choice. In an age of information overflow our news will save you time and inform your operational decisions whether you are a private executive, public policy director, NGO associate or a strategic consultant.

But rather than taking our word for it why not request a free trial and make your own assessment or simply contact us at sales@apmnews.com for further details.


An APM Health Europe subscription:

  • provides a comprehensive daily news agenda for the European pharmaceutical & healthcare markets
  • delivers news in a simple to access, un-cluttered & customisable format
  • will add you to a growing community of like-minded subscribers
  • enables senior decision makers to adapt or validate their strategic visions


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